Contact Lyackson First Nation

Lyackson First Nation
8017 Chemainus Road
Chemainus, BC, V0R 1K5
Telephone: (250) 246-5019
Toll Free: 1-888-592-5766
Fax: (250) 246-5049


Band AdministrationFish Tote

Shannon Gammie, Director of Operations

Chris Thompson, Executive Assistant (Currently on medical leave for March 2024. Contact Maggie, Admin Asst/Reception.)
(Monday-Wednesday Workhours off Thursday-Fridays) 
Contact person for general enquiries, meeting requests, education applications, etc:

Maggie Leon-Reception/Administrator Assistant 

Patty Sweet-Coulter, Bookkeeper

Gwen Thomas, Indian Registry Administrator
To book status card appointments please phone 250-246-2127 or toll free 1-888-246-2127 or by email:

Karyn Scott, Consultations Coordinator

Cristina Hoffman, Referrals Coordinator

Tyler James, Cultural Records Coordinator

Brian Hurst, Project Manager

Geoff Backman, Island Stewardship Coordinator

Joshua Running Bear- Sylvester, Community Program Coordinator (Intern)