Economic Development

Lyackson First Nation
5-Year Economic Development Plan Q & A’s
Lyackson First Nation has taken on the important task of completing a 5-Year Economic Development Plan, which will help Chief and Council make decisions how and where to move ahead with business ventures on Le’yeqsun (Valdes) Island. Laich-Kwil-Tach Consulting Group is excited to be working with Lyackson First Nation on this project. There will be a survey going out in the very near future; we encourage you to participate in this exciting initiative for our Nation.
Why do an Economic Development Plan?
Many First Nations do economic development to make money to be self-sufficiency and move away from being dependent on the Federal Government for funding and other Nations use economic development to create jobs for their members. Whatever the reason, a plan for Economic Development completed with community input becomes a guide for Chief and Council. The Plan will be used when deciding on what business ventures to move forward with and to use when investors approach the Nation about development opportunities.
The Plan will lay out ahead of time the type of economic development the members are in agreement with. The Plan will also give an overview of the possibility of success and risks of each type of development. With a Plan the Nation can move forward with confidence.