AncestorPost-Secondary Student Support Program

Each year the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) allocates Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) funds on a national level.  These funds are distributed to the regional level (provinces) and each region decides how to allocate the funds to the various First Nations and First Nation’s organizations.  The BC Region implements a per capita formula and the population of each Band determines the allocation of the PSSSP. This pool of funds has been decreasing over the last several years.

The Lyackson First Nation’s (LFN) Director of Operations administers the PSSSP program on behalf of the LFN.  LFN strives to support as many band members as possible to access education and develop a policy that is fair and equitable. The band encourages individuals to apply for external funding in order to reduce the financial pressures on the AANDC funding.

Program Eligibility and Documentation

To be eligible for post-secondary support the following must be submitted to the Director of Operations on or before the deadlines listed below:

1. A copy (back and front) of the student’s status card as proof of being a registered LFN Member.

2.Completed Post-Secondary Application package issued by LFN.
a. Application for Financial Assistance – New Student Form
b. Release of Confidential Information
c.Education Plan
d. Signed Lyackson Student Contract

3.Letter of acceptance from the Academic Institution indicated on their application, must be submitted no later than one month before program start date.

4.Transcripts from previous Academic Institutions or High School.

5. A copy of the student’s English assessment test results and/or Math assessment results (if the program requires it).

6. Detailed Letter of Intent in which the student must show commitment to clear educational goals so that LFN is aware the student has a clear plan. The letter should include the current level of education, the intended course of study, and how long it will take to attain their goals.

Application Deadlines

September Enrollment: February 28th* before 4 pm
January Enrollment:  October 31st* before 4 pm
Spring/Summer Enrollment: March 15th* before 4 pm

 * These dates are approximate and if the date lands on a weekend, the next business day will be used

Education Policy 2015

 Education Forms